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Essential OILS for skin

Skin essential oils Essential oils are pure plant based oils that offer a variety of therapeutic, psychological and physical benefits. Each essential oil has unique characteristics and promote healing if you know how to use them. Let's discover the world of aromatherapy...

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are aromatic liquids obtained from flowers, trees, seeds, leaves, stems, grasses, fruits, and roots. They are highly concentrated and do not contain artificial fragrances, like perfumes or fragrance oils.

A plant's pure essence can be obtained by steam distillation, but also by solvent extraction or cold expression. Different methods are used to preserve the true essence of the plants. For example, the use of heat can alter the composition of citrus fruits. That's why it is better to express the essential oil from the peel of a citrus fruit without using any heat.

How to use them?


8-10 drops in an oil burner with water.


10-12 drops for every 2 tablespoons of carrier oil or lotion.
1 drop on your index finger and rub on temples or back of your neck (not for all oils).


10 drops in a warm bath.


5-6 drops in a hot bowl of water for a facial steam. Hold your head about 9 inches above the bowl, close your eyes, and inhale (for 10 minutes appr.).


30-40 drops in 100ml of water for a face/body spray.
60 drops in 100ml water for a room spray

Or even...

A few drops on a tissue... A few drops on the cotton pouch where you put your biodegradable Himalayan soap nuts for your laundry...

Essential oils should not be taken internally and extreme caution should be used with oils during pregnancy. Please consult a qualified aromatherapy practitioner before using essential oils.

What are the most common essential oils used for skin care?

essential oil main skin benefits emotional benefits caution
bergamot skin cleanser (psoriasis, shingles, oily skin, thrush, varicose veins, dry eczema) uplifting, refreshing do not apply before exposure to strong sunlight
cedarwood skin cleanser (scalp problems, oily skin, psoriasis, inflamed skin) calming do not use during pregnancy
chamomile irritated skin, psoriasis, rashes, shingles, inflamed skin, dry skin, sunburns, eczema (dry & wet) relaxing, soothing do not use during pregnancy
clary sage pimples, oily skin, wrinkles relaxing, warming do not use during pregnancy
cypress irritated skin, oily skin, varicose veins, warts    
eucalyptus shingles, thrush, eczema cooling do not use if you have high blood pressure
fennel skin cleanser (wrinkles) revitalizing do not use during pregnancy
frankincense skin tonic, astringent, scars (to prevent), irritated skin, warts, wrinkles calming  
geranium ringworms, shingles, irritated skin, dry skin, yeast infection, wrinkles, insect repellent, eczema (dry) helps relieve anxiety do not use during pregnancy
hyssop eczema (dry & wet)    
jasmine irritated skin, oily & dry skin, warts balancing, soothing  
juniper varicose veins, eczema (wet) calming do not use during pregnancy
lavender restorative, healing (psoriasis, rashes, ringworms, scars from burns, shingles, oily & dry skin, stretch marks, sunburns, thrush, varicose veins, warts, wrinkles, eczema (wet)) relaxing, healing do not use during pregnancy
lemon skin cleanser, healing (oily & dry skin, varicose veins, warts, wrinkles) uplifting do not apply before strong exposure to sunlight
lemongrass varicose veins, insect repellent energizing sensitive skin
marjoram thrush    
melaleuca ringworms, shingles, sunburns, yeast infection    
myrrh chapped and cracked skin, ringworms, stretch marks, yeast infection, wrinkles, eczema (wet) cooling do not use during pregnancy
myrtle antiseptic    
orange skin tonic and cleanser (oily skin, wrinkles) soothing do not apply before strong exposure to sunlight
oregano warts, psoriasis, wrinkles    
palma rosa moisturizing (rash, scaly and flaky skin) calming  
patchouli oily hair and skin, irritated skin, dry skin, yeast infection, wrinkles, eczema balancing  
peppermint itchy skin, ringworms, varicose veins, insect repellent reviving  
rose scars (to prevent), thrush, wrinkles relaxing  
rosemary skin elasticity, ringworms, candida & vaginal candida, wrinkles, eczema (dry) stimulating do not use during pregnancy
rosewood skin elasticity, candida, dry skin, insect repellent, eczema    
sage regenerates (eczema)   do not use during pregnancy
sandalwood regenerates (dehydrated skin, dry skin, wrinkles) balancing  
tangerine skin tonic and cleanser soothing do not apply before strong exposure to sunlight
tea tree dry scalp revitalizing  
thyme psoriasis, insect repellent, ringworms, thrush, wrinkles    
ylang ylang oily skin sensual