Top home remedies for abscess (tooth or gum abscess)

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People can get abscesses on the skin, under the skin, in a tooth, or even inside the body. A dental abscess is a collection of pus that forms in your teeth or gums as a result of a bacterial infection. While you wait for an appointment with your dentist, here is a selection of home remedies to help relieve the pain from an abscessed tooth and fight the infection. 


Warning: Infection from a tooth abscess can potentially turn into a life-threatening condition. As soon as you develop a toothache, see your dentist immediately. To eliminate infection, the abscess may need to be drained and a root canal may be recommended in an attempt to save the tooth. If the root of the tooth dies as a result of infection, the toothache may stop. But it doesn’t mean the infection has healed. Therefore always consult a dentist to prevent further complications. The information on home remedies listed below is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified practitioner.

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Garlic: one of the most common home remedies for tooth abscesses

Crushed garlic can be applied around the affected area for about 10 minutes to reduce pain. The chemical allicin resulting from raw, crushed garlic is a powerful natural infection and bacteria fighter. It is one of the most effective natural home remedies for tooth abscess. 

Cautious: Freshly sliced garlic may burn skin. Don’t leave it for too long. Allicin is extremely powerful. If someone has sensitive skin or is exposed too much garlic it can lead to skin reddening, irritation and soreness, possibly even burns.

Clove oil to relieve pain from a dental abscess

Clove oil can help relieve pain of a tooth abscess. It is suggested to soak a small piece of cotton with clove oil and insert the cotton into the tooth cavity for pain relief. This natural remedy will give some relief for the abscess symptoms. Cloves in any form, whether it is ground, whole or even just the oil are good remedies for tooth aches and infections.

Cautious: Clove oil should only be used for tooth pain on a short-term basis. Do not use this natural remedy in case there is bleeding in the tooth. Also, a small proportion of people may experience skin irritation, allergic reactions, or cross-sensitivity to essential oils. Don’t ingest oils without professional guidance.

The teabag method for an abscessed tooth

Tea’s tannic helps to reduce the swelling and is an antibiotic. Place a chilled tea bag on tooth abscess. Choose spiced chai tea bags as they contain clove!

Other home remedies for tooth abscess: salt water and GSE

Rinsing your mouth with salt water (unrefined sea salt is best) or Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) can be beneficial. Both salt water or Grapefruit Seed Extract work as an antiseptic to remove bacteria from the infected area. The grapefruit seed extract can also be sprayed directly on the infected tooth. 

More self-care suggestions for abscessed tooth

  • Do not drain tooth abscess yourself or you will increase the risk of serious infection. 
  • Antibiotics may be needed to fight infection, always consult a dentist in case of tooth abscess.
  • Keep your mouth very clean. Hygiene is paramount when there is an infection. Use a soft toothbrush and do not floss around the affected area.
  • To fight infection, follow a diet rich in vitamin C, Zinc and vitamin D. Avoid sugar. Here are some foods that can be helpful to fight infection: garlic, ginger, lemon, onion, turmeric, cabbage, carrot and coconut.
  • Don’t use heat and avoid foods and beverages that are very cold or very hot (extremes in temperature may cause pain)
  • Sleep with your head elevated. If you elevate your head when resting, some of the pressure in the area of the toothache may diminish.


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Joséphine Beck, Natural Health Coach & Nutritional Counsellor
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