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Articles on skin health
cannabis - benefits for skin

Healing properties of cannabis: Marijuana could offer benefits for skin

Cannabis has long been accredited with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Learn how it may be an effective treatment for skin.
How to cope with a skin disease - girl hiding face

5 tips for coping with a chronic skin disease

Trying to treat a skin condition can be a constant struggle, especially when it is chronic and stubborn. Here's some advice!
Wet wrap therapy for eczema

Wet wrap therapy shows promise for effectively treating eczema

Looking for safer treatment options for eczema? Researchers showed the wet wrap therapy can have profound positive effects!
How does turmeric help skin?

How does turmeric help skin?

Turmeric has been used for years for the treatment of inflammatory and digestive disorders. Let's explore the beneficial effects of turmeric on skin.
Dangers of high SPF sunscreens

Dangers and potential health risks of high-SPF sunscreens

Research shows that high-SPF sunscreens cannot be relied on to protect us from harmful UV radiation. They may even have greater risks to health...
Stop acne drawing

6 top home remedies and tips for pimples on face

Are you trying to get rid of acne on your face? Find out what you can do to get rid of pimples and prevent future breakouts.
Articles on skin health
Interviews with experts on skin health
Dr Elliott skin and hormones interview

Is there a connection between hormone imbalance and skin?

It is believed that fluctuating levels of hormones can have an impact on the skin. Learn more with Naturopathic Physician Sacha Elliott!
Urine therapy: using urine for medicinal purposes

Urine therapy: using urine for medicinal purposes

Learn about urinotherapy with James Middleton who has been using urine therapy daily for over 20 years.
What is Reiki - Qi Allaya

Reiki: the Healing Power of Energy

What is Reiki? Can it promote healing and health? A brief overview of Reiki with Qi Allaya Teija.
Healthy diet and skin benefits - interview Erin Schumacher

Healthy Diet and Skin Benefits

Is there a link between nutrition and skin? How does diet impact skin? Clarification with Holistic Nutrition Practitioner Erin Schumacher.
Interviews with experts on skin health
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Articles on skin health